Children's Festival of Welsh History 2016

Henry Tudor - Welsh Hero or Traitor? by Aled O Richards

Danny Grehan Actor - Danny Grehan

In August 1485, with a great deal of help from Welsh soldiers, Henry Tudor defeated Richard lll at the Battle of Bosworth to become the King of England. He got support from a lot of Welsh gentry, and in return he looked after them and made them even richer. The poets referred to him as the Son of Prophecy because they thought a Welsh king of England would surely be good for Wales. As for the rest, the majority of the Welsh people, life was tough, and when Henry became King, he did very little to help them.

Meet Henry Tudor in an interactive performance aimed at children age 6 - 11. Join him on his journey through Wales as he recruits soldiers to fight against Richard lll at Bosworth. Learn about the Welshman who became King of England and started a very important period in history - The Tudors.