Children's Festival of Welsh History 2016

Children’s ‘Digital’ Festival of Welsh History 2020 September 15, 2020

On Owain Glyndŵr Day, September 16, the 2020 Children’s Festival of Welsh History will be launched. The Festival will release a music video, starring Owain Glyndŵr, filmed at Harlech Castle. The production, aimed at Primary school age, has been supported by Cadw, and will be made available to view on the festival’s website and on Cadw’s website

The remainder of the festival, which will last until October half term, will include 14 fifteen minute films featuring characters from Welsh History along with a variety of workshops ; Q&A’s with historical characters and the Big Welsh History Quiz. All the details are on the festival’s website.

The Children’s Festival of Welsh History is 7 years old this year, and though it’s aim is to hold history shows and presentations for school children at Welsh heritage sites every September, it was impossible, due to the pandemic, to do so this year. Rather than cancel the event, festival staff contacted it’s heritage partners for their support to hold an online event. Following a very positive response, 14 short films have been produced and will be available, free of charge, up until October half term. The films will be available in English and in Welsh and will be released during the week of September 21st.

BSL (British Sign Language) versions of 12 of the films will also be available . This is the first time the festival has been able to provide this facility, and we are delighted with this development and hope it will give deaf children the opportunity to fully enjoy the films.

The following week, from September 28th, schools will be able to book online workshops that compliment the films. The workshops are provided by In Character; National Museum Wales; Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru; Bardd Plant Cymru and the National Library of Wales. Most of the workshops will be free of charge for schools.

Eleri Twynog, Festival Director said:

“The Festival grows in popularity every year, with around 5,000 children taking part each year. It’s disappointing not being able to hold the festival, as per usual, this year. However, the challenge of creating a digital event has been very rewarding, as it’s enhanced our skills as organisers, actors and Directors, albeit in difficult circumstances.

There is so much on offer this year, and we hope the festival will prove to be an important contribution, not only to alleviate the disappointment for those schools who will miss out on visiting a heritage site this term, but also to ensure that Welsh History is given a prominent place in schools as they work towards realising the new curriculum for Wales”.

Susan Mason, Head of Lifelong Learning, Cadw said:

“Cadw supports this online festival, as this is an important part of Cadw’s provision of new online resources for a blended teaching approach during the current pandemic and for the foreseeable future.”


For further details, please contact:

Eleri Twynog Humphries
Festival Director