Children's Festival of Welsh History 2016

The Welsh Language - What a Journey!

Llion Williams Actor - Llion Williams

In this show, the audience will meet Mr R. Ben Igwr. He is a statistician for the Welsh Government and is a bit of a genius. The government have given him a task - to assure that one million people can speak Welsh by 2050. As he starts to count the members in the audience, he soon realises that this will be a very difficult job indeed. He needs inspiration, and decides to research into the history of the language.

He presents 10 important historical events linked to the Welsh language - from the Act of Union to the translation of the Bible to Welsh, from the Treachery of the Blue Books to the Welsh Not. As the show develops, he becomes a little more positive as he talks about the formation of Urdd Gobaith Cymru and the growth in Welsh medium education. At the end of the show, full of hope and joy, he encourages the audience to embrace the language, as THEY are the ones who will count in 2050.