Children's Festival of Welsh History 2016

Hedd Wyn Workshop
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Lively workshop in the company of Chief Poet, Hedd Wyn. The workshop will cover poetry, war and Eisteddfodau, in a fun way, giving children opportunities to develop their confidence through working together and performing. A workshop suitable for all ages and all abilities.


- Short introduction
- Who am I, and what is my job
- Introduce In Character and the Children's Festival of Welsh History

Reminder quiz

Ellis Evans' bardic name ?
What did he enjoy doing most ?
Where did Hedd Wyn go to fight in the war ?
How did Hedd Wyn contact his family when he was in France ?
What did Hedd Wyn win for his poem ? What colour was the Chair ?
What was Hedd Wyn's nickname when he competed for the Chair ?
What year did Hedd Wyn die ?

Warm up

Prepare the group for clear speaking and performing
Stretch and breathe
Tongue Twisters
Monster faces, mouse faces
Warm up the body, and refer to Litherland, where Hedd Wyn trained to be a soldier

Dim ond Lleuad Borffor

Discuss poetry. Do they write poetry ?
What's the meaning of inspiration ? What inspired Hedd Wyn ?
Read the poem together/Share screen
Ask the children to create movements for each line, and everyone to perform together

Split into groups of 6

Choose a name for the team - explain how a poet needs a special name when he or she competes ...same as a team name.

Rhyming game/split screen

5 words on screen
Each group to discuss what words rhyme - 5 rounds

Describing game

Discuss the play's themes
Ask the groups to choose words to describe Eisteddfod, War, Hedd Wyn, Wales and History

Q & A

An opportunity for the children or staff to ask questions about the show, Hedd Wyn or to Sion Emyr as an actor.

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